Having Experience Bath Like in Salons Using Vichy Showers Ideas

are a type of shower that is often used in salons and spas and is received while lying down.

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Vichy showers, which are named after the town of Vichy, France, helps facilitate a spa treatment such as a salt scrub or . These treatments are very messy and require a client to wash these items off his or her body before getting dressed. A Vichy shower keeps the spa client from getting up to go to a shower to rinse off the product, which could cause a great deal of and could be messy for the spa.

The Vichy showers will be on an arm that can be moved from side to side.

This is so the salon employee can move the shower mechanism away from the client in order to turn it on and adjust the temperature. Each one of the showerheads also can be adjusted for direction and flow of spray so that the water also can be at ideal pressure before it is directed over the top of a client.

Vichy showers can be either free-standing or mounted to a wall. Below the shower system is a panel with so that the spa therapist can see exactly what temperature the water is. Some more elaborate models might have a shield that extends from the end at an angle. This shield protects a client’s face from when he or she turns over.

Vichy showers are used in rooms that have tiled along with a drain in the floor so that is not a problem. Specially designed wet tables enhance the use of the Vichy shower by providing a cushioned surface to lie on while showering and drainage holes so that water does not build up on the table. This can cause the shower to give a massage-like effect that relaxes the muscles and soothes away stress.

Most upscale salons and day spas incorporate Vichy showers as a part of their spa . When deciding on a , a client should inquire whether the spa offers the use of a Vichy shower, especially if planning to receive a body treatment. With proper use, Vichy showers can soothe aching muscles and relax and invigorate spa clients while at the same time leaving them clean and refreshed.

Vichy Showers

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